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Silk Hair and Scalp Clinic

The salon’s hair loss and scalp clinic is run by Pauline Cathro.  Pauline is a La Biosthétique hair specialist and is one of the founding committee members of Societe Francaise Biosthétique in Scotland (SFBUK).

la Biosthetique Ergines AAt the clinic a detailed consultation process will take where we will examine your lifestyle, medical conditions and family history.  Please be assured that these details will remain completely confidential.

Hair is one of the body’s metabolically active tissues and can be the first indicator of internal problemsIn order that we may determine the probable cause of what is interfering with the normal hair growth quality we may microscopically examine your hair and root (bulb).  Microscopy is an investigative tool for hair analysis and by doing this we can determine the health and condition of the hair and root and look for any deficiencies such as lack of minerals.  This process enables us to determine the probable cause of your condition and allows us to give you a professional opinion and recommended the correct treatment.

In the salon we recommend La Biosthétique products; La Biosthétique is a Parisian based company and offers a very prescriptive range.  Their products are tested rigorously to ensure their effectiveness and dermatological compatibility.  La Biosthétique use only the finest naturally derived ingredients in their products and also guarantee that none of their products are created using animal testing.

La Biosthetique hair careCommon hair and scalp issues include:

  • Female hair loss
  • Male hair loss
  • Thinning hair
  • Itchy scalp
  • Sensitive scalp
  • Dandruff
  • Dermatitis
  • Psoriasis
  • Oily hair
  • Dry scalp and hair
  • Physical and Emotional hair loss (stress, bereavement, illness, medication,etc)

La Biosthetique hair careThese are just some of the conditions we can help you with, for more information please call the salon on 0141 889 0456 where a member of staff will be happy to help.



Pauline’s Profile

Pauline has been employed with Silk for over 10 years now, but has only become a familiar face within the salon over the past few years! After leaving University in 1993 with a BA degree in Business Studies, Pauline embarked upon a career in the Financial Services Industry.  However, after the birth of her son in 2001 Pauline left this industry and in 2002 began working with Silk behind the scenes in an administrative capacity.  Over the past few years Pauline has become keen to develop her knowledge in the hair industry and became very interested in hair loss and scalp conditions.  In the last two years she has attended many courses and seminars on these subjects and been mentored continuously over this period.  Pauline is delighted that she is now in a position to offer a specialised hair and scalp service in the salon and can offer help and advice on this sensitive matter.


Silk Hair & Scalp Clinic       Silk Hair & Scalp Clinic

Looking for a cosmetic for hair loss or thinning hair? We now have in stock DermMatch, which gives amazing results.
DermMatch is an instant hair loss concealer, often used to cover up female hair loss, male pattern baldness and alopecia.

This product will make your hair look better as botanical ingredients in DermMatch coat the entire hair shaft. Thin hairs thicken, stand up and spread out for spectacular fullness.

DermaMatch is available in the salon for £28.99

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